Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Frustration of Missing Deadline

I've been working on another small piece, and I really wanted to get it finished before vacation. And friends, I nearly did. I'm about 80 minutes from finished with it. But, I didn't quite get there. Which means I can't blog about it before I go, either. I know you'll all be on tenterhooks. I'll tell you this much: it's green.

Fortunately, the deadline was completely arbitrary, and it won't hurt a thing that I missed it. But still, it kind of bums me out.

I guess I'll just somehow have to deal with it over the course of my week and a half vacation. Hey! I feel better already!


p.s. By the way, anybody going to the Sisters show this year?


The [Cherry] Ride said...

Maybe if you weren't blogging so much you might have finished it ;-).

Have a good vacation.

Rebel said...

Deadlines are meant to be broken. I'm excited to see the Green Thing though.

I think I will be going to Sisters this year. I'm on too much of a quilt-kick to miss it. Will you be showing anything?

michael5000 said...

@[cherry]: Touche', mon frere!

@rebel: I DO have a piece at Sisters, a bluegreen/rust orange log cabin that you can see in this old entry. Feel free to praise it very loudly and point it out to passers-by. And I'll be there, possibly with Mrs. 5000 and maybe even Mom5000 in tow. Maybe I'll see you!