Monday, February 09, 2009

I Still Quilt, Encore

So, the quilting action here at studio5000 continues to be mostly focused on the scrap/recycled "StormQuilts," which is good because my mother unloaded another zillion yards of scrap fabric from her collection earlier tonight. I'm going to have to keep making StormQuilts just to keep liveable space in the house, tucked in among the fabric storage.

Some of you were interested to see what would happen with the complementary squares I cut for SQ6&7. Well, here's SQ7 (I think), which has three borders and is rectangular. It's a little hard to see the edges, but the lighter blue is actually the batting, in this case a beat-up old child's blanket.

And here's SQ6, which I think is fairly handsome for a piece made from salvage materials. It reminds me of VERY old-school quilts -- not 100, but 200 years ago. It is pinned out and ready for quilting, but I have no idea how I'll tackle that.

I HAVE been quilting on SQ5, though. It is all green, and I thought I'd get brave and experiment with free-motion. I feel pretty positive about the results, at least on top; there are some really ugly tangles underneath that I choose not to show you at this juncture.

But how 'bout them leaves? I'll go back at the end and double or triple the main "vine," so it doesn't look so scrawny compared to the leaves.

Meanwhile, inspired by this post from the Libster, I turned a purge of my closet into raw material for QS10 (or thereabouts). Quilty says that working with knits wasn't so hard after all, so nine ratty old t-shirts went under the knife. I'll let you see how that all works out.