Saturday, June 05, 2010

StormQuilt #12: Finished

After I finished Purple and Blue last week, I did a little straightening up in my project room and was surprised to see how far along so many projects were. The goofiest example was the twelfth of the QuiltStorm series, QS#12, which was finished except for perhaps 45 minutes of thread-burying. In a rare sun-break -- the City of Roses has been having record-breaking rain this spring -- I took it out on the back porch and finished it up.

Like all of the StormQuilts, it is made out of 100% scrap and recycled materials. In this case, the face and binding are all scrap corduroy. As if that wasn't heavy enough already, I batted it with an old mattress pad. The backing is an old dark blue flannel sheet from a set we discarded last year. Definitely a winter-weight piece.

It's 72" x 48" and quilted exactly like you see in the picture. It has been fun to work in corduroy (I used fabric from the same batch of scraps in SQ11 and in the Mondrian Quilt (which is basically finished except for a hanging sleeve -- another project that has been sitting around teetering on the edge of finished)). Whoops, got lost in my parentheses there. What I meant to say is, it has been fun to work in corduroy because it takes quilting really well. Your lines really stand out in it.

I've been getting some serious quilting on, and I'm going to be able to put some more time into a couple pieces over the next week, so hopefully there will be a parade of smug little "finished" posts occasionally this summer!


Kathie said...

this would make a great little quilt too. like the use of pink in there....
I am amazed that your making these quilts all from recycled materials, good for you!

Yankee in England said...

Had to pop over here because I was wondering what you had backed it in as it was not mentioned on L&T. Seriously flannel OMG this would be a texture freaks dream come true. Not that I am a texture freak or anything!

Anonymous said...

I love the recycled aspect of these quilts and am really inspired by you.

Rose City Reader said...

Wow! I think I looked at this blog a while back when nothing was going on and haven't been back. Glad I popped back in -- this is beautiful, and I love the idea that it is corduroy.

I am reading The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville. The main character is a quilter -- "textile artist" is what she says -- who makes art quilts (is that a term?) for museums. She talks a lot about trying to recreate the imperfections in old quilts to create a sense of "vibration." I don't know about that, but her discussions about quilting and fabric and color are all very interesting. It is also a very good book, apart from the quilt angle.

Michael5000 said...

Thanks Kathie, jaycad.

Yank: My friend Jennifer turns green with horror when I TALK about this quilt, because for her these are nightmare textures. But then she's a freak.

RCR: "Art Quilts" is very much a term; it is approximately the opposite of "Traditional Quilts" and the distinction is somewhat loaded in the quilting community.

Frankly, I'm pretty pleased with ol' SQ12 myself! Thanks for looking.