Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 09-10 PreSeason List

Well, it's August, and right on schedule I'm starting to get interested in quilting again. I even did a little piecing last night. That means it's time for the list that I always make this time of year, my priorities for the coming quilt season. It's a long list, but then you probably understand that. There are always so many more quilt ideas than there is time or energy to make actual quilts.


First Priority

Top priorities to finish this year. It would be nice to get ALL of these done.

Devil's Claw -- This is one I've talked about a lot in the last few years. The face is complete, and it's been pinned, so it just needs quilting and binding. "Just."

Jennifer Challenge -- Me and my friend Jennifer both bought a set of fabrics, and she is currently putting the hanging sleeves on the quilt she made with hers. I started cutting and piecing mine last night. I need to catch up, or Jennifer will hurt me.

Mondrian I -- My awesome (if I do say so myself) reproduction of a Mondrian painting in scrap corduroy. The face is finished, so it needs a back, some batting, and some quilting.

Symbol -- Another one I've talked about a lot here. The face background is complete. I need to select a fabric for the symbol and finish the face.

StormQuilts -- I have four of these on the First Priority list, but I won't belabor the details.

Second Priority

Second Priority quilts would be awfully nice to finish this year, but hey, I'm realistic. Hopefully, I'll make some solid progress on these, at least.

Mondrian II -- Already have it picked out!

A Couple of Child Blankets -- For some children of my acquaintance. If I was a good person, these would be First Priority.

Labyrinth II -- Most of the cutting is done for this sequel. I started the assembly, but ran into problems. I need to do some thinking and figure out how to get it going forward again.

Four Seasons -- I thought this was the world's oldest UFO, but I recently learned about an even older one. But it's MY oldest UFO.

StormQuilts -- I have three more of these on the Second Priority List

Third Priority

If I blast through the above and have time left over -- an unlikely prospect at best -- I might take on one of these. Or, I might putter with one from time to time with the idea of having it ready for serious attention next year.

The Legacy Quilt -- One I've talked about, but haven't done much with.

Labyrinth III -- I haven't even designed this one yet. I just like the idea of doing more Labyrinths.

A Project I'm not ready to tell you about.

Another Project I'm not ready to tell you about.

However many additional StormQuilts would get me to the ultimate goal of twenty.

Fourth Priority

Fourth Priority is a holding pen for ideas I hope to work on sometimein the future. For now, I'll just give you the working titles:

The Sarah Horowitz inspired light on light-light design

Requilting my own baby quilt

Oregon Map II

Yet Another Project I'm not ready to tell you about.

And Another One.

A wall hanging using my mom's Silhouette technique.


There you have it! More quilting than I could possibly accomplish! Let's see how far I get!

What are YOUR quilt goals for the coming fall and winter?


La Mañosa said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your quilting season get underway! I do hope you get to another labyrinth quilt.

I think my season started a couple of months ago--right in the midst of knitting season! I've been trying to plan the next four or five quilts I would like to make. Considering all of the other things I enjoy (knitting, crochet, etc), I am thinking it will take me easily three years to get through my list!

Elaine said...

Aha. You have a lot of quilt tops waiting in line to be quilted. I am so far behind that I must never die! I have....three quilts layered and basted; they "just" need quilting. I am trying to make the change to machine quilting (although this is hard with large quilts, using a home sewing machine)hoping I will complete more. I have a small wall hanging, plus two quilt tops, ready to layer/baste/put in the pile. And I am starting another quilt (just cut the strips preparatory to traveling to West Virginia for an Elderhostel, quilting once again with my Ohio buddies) as well as another wall hanging (for a guild challenge.)

Jennifer said...

Having just completely finished what ~I~ think of as the "Michael" challenge quilt (how very odd to hear it referred to as the "Jennifer" challenge quilt!), I have been taking stock of my UFOs, not that I'll be able to make much progress on them, now that my main season is about over.

I have three UFOs that I'd like to make significant progress on:

* a lone star quilt (possibly queen-sized, depending) that I like to think of using adjectives such as "lush" and "fiery," but less family-friendly words also come to mind regarding a bit of a design challenge I'm facing with completing the top.

* a stained-glass project that I feel like I've made good progress on over the last couple of years without ever seeming to get closer to finishing (also queen-sized, I believe); I've made lots of blocks, but I need more still.

* and yet another queen-sized quilt, somewhat color-washy, that needs significant amounts of hand quilting. (I always remember that when I showed the top to you years ago, you said something like, "I've never seen those colors put together before.")

That said, should something else important or fun come along, I wouldn't feel too badly about changing my priorities. They're already UFOs, after all -- it won't hurt anything if they stay that way a little longer.

Libby said...

It sounds like you should be all set in the event that you are confined to your home and unable to engage in any activity except quilting for the duration of quilt season - it's good to be prepared! I think my goal right now is to spend less time on the computer and more time actually sewing - if I can accomplish that I'll be pretty happy.

Bon chance

Exuberant Color said...

Your "not ready to be talked about" slots will leave you plenty of chance to start something new when you get bored with/stumped about some other project.

My goal for the next 12 months is to finish every UFO that I have (and there are about 20 right now). That won't keep me from starting some new fun ones either.