Monday, May 25, 2009

The Northwest Quilters 2009 Show

A few of you who have Reader know I wrote this a month ago, but never got around to adding the pictures. Check me out! I'm catching up!

Last year, I wanted to display quilts in as many shows as possible. Really, it seems like I spent half of the spring either attending a quilt show or on my way to drop off or retrieve a quilt. This year, not so much.

In fact, I've been a real quilting hermit. There were a couple of days when I couldn't make it to my guild's meeting because of a schedule conflict, and after that they had programs scheduled that were way too -- for lack of a better word -- girly. I'm just not into, for instance, learning how to make a quilted purse. Call me crazy. After a while, I hadn't had contact with the guild for half a year.

So I was out of the loop enough to forget that the guild's annual show would be in early spring this year, instead of early summer. By the time I caught on, it was way too late to submit work. But, I had just enough wherewithal to get my name in as a volunteer. I was what they used to call a "white glove lady" but which they were this year just calling "white glove." I appreciated the change.

And here's the thing: the show was awesome! In terms of organization and of the quality of work, it was easily among the best three shows I've ever seen. It got great press, and probably three times the number of guests as we had in recent years. So, that made me think that maybe I want to be less of a quilting hermit now, and get back into the community. It kind of inspired me, like. We'll have to see if the inspiration really "takes" or not, but in the meantime I've submitted a few of last year's quilts to be shown at the big summer outdoor show in Sisters.

I took several photos at the show based on gut response -- these are just a few of the ones I liked the best, with no particular reasoning applied.

The "I Would Never Make One Like This, But I Love It Anyway" Category

"Lady Liberty," pieced by Carol Brown, quilted by Carol Parks.

"Carley (Prairie Flower)" by Marjorie Rhime

"Most Amazing Story" Category

...and the story:

"These Quilts Give Me Ideas" Category

"Nine Blue Characters," pieced by Ann Johnston, quilted by Oswego Quilters.

"Batik Woven Star," pieced by Trudi Luther, quilted by Barbara Schulenburg.

"No Payne No Gain," by Maureen Orr Eldred.


Rebel said...

Ooooooh purty!

I'm not surprised you like the first one - you have a thing for blue and orange I think.

I love the 9 blue characters one (even though they look black on my monitor)... kind of like your concept of the abstract text-like symbol. Was it applique or somehow pieced?

please take lots of pictures of Sisters, especially of your quilts basking in the sunshine.

jovaliquilts said...

Your categories are far more interesting than traditional quilt show ones, though I guess not practical for their purposes. I can't say I like the blue characters one, but I would definitely put it in my own gives-me-ideas category.

Debra said...

Love that last one--everything but the kitchen sink!

Libby said...

Great selections! I also particularly like the last one. Hope you had fun being a white glove...what's wrong with 'white glove person' or something along those lines? The grammar is bothering me here. Try to get on that committee.

La Mañosa said...

Love your quilt categories! I feel sorry for the poor abandoned quilt--I'm glad someone found it who could appreciate it.

I hope your quilting is going well. Can't wait to see how some of your projects are progressing!

Stefanie said...

I know what you mean about guilds. I imagine being "the guy" is a little like being the young person. Everyone is piecing Thimbleberries or something, and your painting fabric because they don't make what you want. I gave up too, I may have tried if they had anyone else my age.
Beside nothing wrong with being a hermit. It is a goal in life. Thanks for the show pics.

Rebel said...

stephanie - if you want to find a community of younger quilters - check out there are some *amazing* creative young people (oh god how ancient am I) breaking the mold of 'traditional' quilt patterns.

Elaine said...

Hey, hey, hey!
OLD people break the molds of traditional quilt designs, too!

Stephanie may just not have found the right guild. They do come in different flavors, mixes, etc. Visit other groups til you find one that fits!

(I belong to two guilds and attend two "bees"--small interest-groups. I do not attend all the mtgs or take part in all the challenges, but it's a good way to add skills and see a variety of design approaches.)