Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bins and Bottlenecks

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to get back to work on a more formal quilt, and leave the StormQuilts be for a little bit. But that didn't work out. It turned out that I had so many StormQuilts laid out but not quilted that I didn't have any safety pins left to get the backing and binding on the quilt I wanted to make progress on, Devil's Claw.

One solution, obviously, would have been to go out and buy some more safety pins, but that seemed like it would just be contributing to my habit of leaving things half-finished. So I took the other approach, and jumped back into quilting on the StormQuilts. And, it's been going pretty well. I've got one that's finished, another that's finished except for the thread-burying, and one that is 3/4 quilted. I'll get some pictures of those to you next time.

Meanwhile, I went on an excursion to address another bottleneck -- battings for the StormQuilts. I made another excursion down to "The Bins," our Goodwill Outlet Store that blurs the line between rummage sale shopping and dumpster diving. For a pittance, I filled the back of my truck with blankets, fleeces, heavy flannel sheets, and mattress pads that seemed too damaged or discolored to find a new home in their first life. Two of the blankets were faded commercial quilts, the kind that are made on the cheap in China and sold in department stores. I like the idea of using a worn-out commercial quilt as the batting in a StormQuilt -- it's a nice twist on the historical practice of using old quilts to bat the new.

The heap of scrap batting, after washing, burying my ironing board and sewing table:

The heap of scrap batting, tamed, pressed, and folded:


Rebel said...

tamed, pressed, folded, and LABLED! Yay for productivity.

Debra said...

I wish I had a Goodwill like yours nearby--mine is more upscale. I have been scavenging for blankets, mattress pads and bedspreads this year too for my service quilts. I feel so smug turning something all nubby into something so cozy. It's a super way to reuse those forlorn items.

Stefanie said...

Good work. I totally hear you about the saftey pins! Been there with that debate :) Looking forward to what comes up next.

Libby said...

Are those little pinned on labels?

Elaine said...

Please tell me you washed these first...in hot water.

jovaliquilts said...

Well, I'm behind in my blog reading, but maybe a new comment will encourage you to post those photos you promised? Your Goodwill may get even more like dumpster diving soon. I just read that Goodwill is now going to be selling their better stuff on EBay. I'm not a fan of that decision.