Monday, January 28, 2008

A Quilt Blog Post With No Pictures of Quilts

Finishing so many major projects all at once left me sort of dazed. So, after three posts in a row about finished quilts, I'm taking time out today to talk about the transition back to quilting business as usual. This will probably be more useful for me than it is entertaining to you. Sorry about that.

What Should I Work On Next?

With a couple of months still before nice weather starts to shut down the 2007-2008 quilt year, I've completed two of the three projects (Ice & Fire, Labyrinth) that were the top priorities on my list of goals. The third one, a graduation quilt for Niece #1, is definitely my biggest concern at this point. Fortunately, it is coming along just fine; I finished its face last week and pinned it out last night. Unfortunately, it will be quite a while before I can show it to you here, what with it being a present and all.

Meanwhile, an unanticipated (by me, anyway) pregnancy of a long-time friend means I need to take time out to put together another crib quilt. I'm actually already well into this project, officially Quilt #52 -- I pinned this one out yesterday, too -- and I'll be writing about in detail in the next couple of posts.

Afer those two gift quilts, one big priority is to finish the Four Seasons pieces. I pinned out the last two of those yesterday, too, so that puts them into handwork territory, where I can just tinker with them as opportunities come along.

(If you were counting, I pinned out four different projects yesterday. It was a real pinfest. The tip of my left index finger looks like hamburger.)

Also possible priorities for the rest of this season are the Batik Boxes quilt, the Scrap Blanket project, and the Devil's Claw/Indigo Stars piece. The "Legacy" or "Heritage" piece that I originally thought would be a priority for this year, I'm now thinking I'll put on hold for the time being.

Finally, I've been developing a plan for creating 12 to 20 quick, cheap, and easy lap quilts in a project I'm calling, with characteristic excitability, "QuiltStorm2008." The idea is to work entirely with scrap and salvage materials, and to go for a very simple, highly scrappy aesthetic. It will give me some opportunities to experiment and practice some skills, and to generate a lot of simple utility quilts in a big hurry. More on this madness as it develops.


I've decided to get back onto a blogring. I've joined "Quilt Studio" as member number 278 or something, and look forward to getting to know the neighbors over time. I seem to be up and running on it. If you are visiting from Quilt Studio, please ignore this dull post and go down to the previous one, which is quite good.

And, because I am quite mad, I decided to create a blogring for male quilt bloggers. To my knowledge, there is at least one other such creature. If you happen to know of any others, please have them come and join my ring. It's likely to get pretty lonely, otherwise. As of right now, the ring is fully functional, except that since I'm the only member the "next site" button leads from my blog to my blog, the "previous site" button leads from my blog to my blog, and so on.


Her's what happened to my daily readership after Exuberant Color linked to my post about Labyrinth:

There's a reason E.C. commands that kind of readership. Her work is the absolute shizzle, and she's got a tons of ideas and insights to share. You should check it out. Go! Now!


Exuberant Color said...

Thanks Michael for the compliment. I am having a blast with my blog. Now I just have to sew a little faster!

atet said...

I think it will be interesting to see your scrap/utility quilts. I learn a lot from other people's process, please do share!

atet said...

Oh, and please ignore my grammar. I really do know better :0).

Ming said...

All the best Michael!

Libby said...

Yeah Exuberant Color is amazing - I say being linked by her is a major compliment!

Feed Dog said...

I believe I qualify as said creature--I just joined the ring. There must be others like us out there in the wild....

Rebel said...

Wow - you're right, EC's quilts *are* amazing!

Rebel said...

Oh, and I might join you with Quilt-storm and actually work on a couple of quilts for *me*. What a concept!