Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Quilt Year: the Second Weekend

Quilt Year 2007 - 2008 is off to an aggressive start! I'm continuing to pour effort into my four chosen projects -- so far, resisting the temptation to dig any deeper into the project pile -- and have been very happy with the progress. And if Mrs. 5000 has made a few pointed remarks about housework equity, well, I can catch up with that.... in a while. She won't get too angry. I think.

Progess Report:

  • Stained Glass Batik. As the OSU football team got their big, mud-slapping Beaver tails handed to them on Thursday, and during the first half of Oregon's exhilerating win over Michigan on Saturday, I finished the first round of quilting in the "cool" areas of this quilt, which is about half of the total surface. I'm very happy with the progress. I'll need to spend a few hours of hand-work time with it before doing the other half, hiding the many loose threads by burying them within the quilt. I'll also need to pick out which specific thread I want to use for the top thread in the "warm" areas.

  • Labyrinth. I selected and prepared a backing fabric, and laid out a sheet of batting to relax and lose its folds and wrinkles. After work on Monday, I'll take apart our bed so that I can use the whole bedroom floor to do the pinning. For you non-quilters, "pinning" is the process where you stick together the three layers of the quilt -- top, batting, and back -- in preparation for the quilting. You have to spread the back out fairly taut for it to work well, and I do this by pinning it into a carpet. For a big piece like Labyrinth, the only carpeted space in the house big enough is the bedroom, sans bed. Mrs. 5000 has agreed that we can sleep in the guest room on Monday night. She is a trooper.

  • Niece #1's Graduation Quilt. This one is still in what you might call "pre-production," but I did some thinking and some pencil-and-paper work with the design. I also entered it into the "official" list I keep of my quilts. Auspiciously, it is Quilt #50, which means it is more or less the 50th project I've started. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will be the 50th project I'll finish. Stained Glass Batik is Quilt #40 on the list, and Labyrinth is Quilt #37, and they are both conspicuously unfinished!

  • The Four Seasons. Numbers #35a - 35d on the list, this aging fiasco is the oldest unfinished project I have going. Last weekend, I was working on picking out a series of fabrics for "Spring" that would match the color values in "Fall" and "Winter."

After a little editing this weekend, and quite a bit of laborious cutting, I
have this "rough draft" laid out:

And, feeling good about the progress, I went ahead and picked out a possible
color sequence for "Summer."

Blogging About Blogging

Joining the Q4P blog ring has been great! Hello to everyone who has stopped in from the blog; I really appreciate all of the kind comments to last week's post! It has been fun to start to explore other blogs on the ring as well!

I've also been spiffing up State of the Craft a little during my lunch hours. The posts from the first year, back when SotC was on (shudder...) Friendster, were until recently lumped together in one big ugly unreadable post called "The First Season." I've gone back and separated those out; not all of them have their images yet, but they will in a day or two. I've been going back and indexing everything, too. Why? you ask. Well, why not?



loulee1 said...

Your two, or four seasons quilts look great, and I like your choices for spring and summer, good luck with those. As for your starts versus finishes, I'm just a beginner here, so I'll say nothing.

Rebel said...

I like the seasons quilts... I think they're going to be great. You'll have to show off your organization system though... I couldn't imagine having that many unfinished projects around my apartment. I'd be tripping over them left and right!

Libby said...

Ahhh who doesn't love it when Michigan gets beat! All the projects look great...!

Lisa D. said...

I found you through the Quilting 4 Pleasure blog ring - welcome to the ring! You're the first "boy quilter" I've run across. Your Stained Glass Batik quilt is just wonderful!

Clare said...

Finally found you and have bookmarked you. Thanks for leaving the funny comments on my blog. I love the Labyrinth quilt. 7,000 pieces - omg!

Pam said...

Welcome to the Q4P blog ring. It is always fun to meet the new members. Love the Stained glass batik quilt and the Labyrinth quilt is amazing.

Michael5000 said...

@loulee1: Thanks! I've since tweaked spring and summer a little. New pics next week!

@rebel: The trick is to have lots of room!

@libby: Well, for the rest of the season I will kind of have to want Michigan to win, since that will put Oregon's stomping of 'em in a different light. But I see your point.

@lisa d.: Thanks! and Thanks!

@clare: Merci! Only 3000 pieces, actually....

@pam: and Thanks!