Thursday, September 27, 2007

Name That Quilt!

As Quilt #40 zips towards the finish line, I'm starting to wonder about its name. At some point, I fell into calling it "Stained Glass Batik," which is not terrible but not great either. Since there is a whole genre of "stained glass quilts," and this ain't one of them, it seems kind of misleading. But on the other hand, no other name has grabbed me either.

Therefore, I am turning to you, the State of the Craft readership, for help in my time of need. Please! Help me name my quilt!

Here are the rules, because I like making up rules:

1. Submit your suggestions in the comments section.
2. Submit as many suggestions as you like.
3. If I really like one of them, I'll use it and you WIN!
4. Maybe there will be some kind of prize, if you want. A fat quarter or something.

How does that sound?


Rebel said...

Stolen from song titles:

I don't sleep, I dream.
World on Fire.
Indian Summer Sky
Precious Illusions
Light up my room.

Actually... all of those suck, but I think you should name it after a song *you* like, some obscure AIR reference.

Rebel said...

BTW - I just love that quilt. I love that by staring at it I can see either blue flowers or orange stars. VERY cool. Love love love it. Can you give us a close up of the quilting pattern?

jovaliquilts said...

Rebel may think that all her suggestions suck, but I think "I don't sleep, I dream" is a fabulous name for that quilt. It captures the luminous spirit of it. The quilt is really something -- I love the colors. It glows.

gl. said...

i love quilt titles stolen from songs! otherwise, might i suggest "evening star"?

Anonymous said...

Rhapsody in Blue (and Orange)?

Anonymous said...

I Am Curious (orange).

Anonymous said...

Refraction #4.

loulee1 said...

There is something intriguing about it, I don't do orange, but I had a hard time reading the words as I kept getting drawn back to the image.
So how about....... Intrigue?

Heatherbee said...

I'm with jovaliquilts. I don't sleep, I dream has my vote, too. Rebel is fab, even without winning the Thursday quiz.

Cherold said...

I love this quilt! My suggestion is "Fire and Ice".


Rebel said...

Ooooh Fire & Ice is a good one. I vote for that. Not that you asked us to vote. But that's a really good one.

Rose Marie said...

Love your quilt and I see a halo around the stars. The quilt certainly has movement. What about Halo Dance or Dance of the Halos? There are a number of good suggestions flowing forth!

Michael5000 said...

Wow! What a bunch of great suggestions.

@Rebel: "I Don't Sleep, I Dream," like R.E.M? "Bushfire," like the B-52s? I tried to think what my current favorite song might be right now, and the one that popped into my head is "The Inkwell" (Blue Scholars), which is funny because it is probably the worst possible name for the quilt.

As far as the quilting pattern, your wish is my command. As far as the blue flowers, I've never seen blue flowers until right now. I've always thought of it as orange stars within blue circles, or, um, nimbi....

@jovali: Aw, thanks!

@gl.: Yes you may! : )

@critical bill: I got a good laugh out of "I Am Curious (Orange)."

@loulee: You know, I don't think of myself as "doing orange" either, but suddenly half my projects seem to involve orange. Funny, that.

@heatherbee: Rebel IS fab!

@cherold: Oooh, "Fire and Ice" might be my favorite so far....

@rose marie: You see the halos too! Good, I'm not crazy... : )

mark witteman said...

The first name that came to me was "sunlight and dusk" and "sunshine and evening."

Then a flower angle occurred to me, but I don't know flowering plants well enough to suggest anything better than "violets and orange blossoms" or maybe "violets and marigolds."

But I think I like many of the song title suggestions better.

Susan said...
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mrs.5000 said...

I am liking this Fire and Ice. It gets at the duality thing, the solar flare thing, and even the gem thing, via the use of "ice" as slang for diamond. My only suggestion would be that you reverse the terms and call it Ice and Fire, in a charmingly gratuitous reference to the sprawling George R.R. Martin fantasy epic.

Samm said...

It is one of my favourite patterns and I have just had a quilts on show but a very different execution. The title that popped into my head was Saturns Night Sky, do not know why just did.

atet said...

My instinctive reaction was to say "Fire and Ice" -- but looks like someone beat me to the punch. Another possibility -- "Red Sky at Night" or maybe "Sailor's Delight"? (kind of reminds me of a red sunset with the purple dusk of the sky starting to break through)