Sunday, July 31, 2016

Housekeeping, part II: The Shops Abide

Having brought the blogroll into the mid 2010s -- nine moribund blogs got the axe, one active one got the nod -- it's time to apply a little elbow grease to the next item in the sidebar.

I haven't paid guild dues in forever, and for that matter haven't been in any of these quilt shops in at least five years, being more prone to export fabric than to import it these days.  I knew that Center Diamond was still kicking, only because I passed right by it on a trip to the beach last week.

The Shops Abide
I'm surprised, but kind of pleased, to report that the guild and all seven shops all appear to be alive and well.  Pioneer Quilts confused me, as they apparently moved locations several years ago, but it sounds like they are still doing their thing, just several miles west of where they used to.

Which is great, but I don't know if I'm really chummy enough with any of the shops at this point to call them "home base," or even "my."  But they all are -- or at least were! -- terrific places, so I can leave 'em up on the ol' sidebar.  I'll just make the descriptions a little less... personal.

To be continued...

Honestly?  This post is mostly a stalling tactic, putting off the moment when I have to really start thinking about "Shows I've Been In or Have Aspirations To Be In," and find out whether I have aspirations to be in shows.  I'm not sure whether my hesitation to think about that is the anxiety of reluctance, or the butterflies of anticipation.  I'll figure it out soon enough!

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La Mañosa said...

That is excellent news that these shops are still in business! Thinking of taking an exploratory trip any time soon? :)

Will be curious to hear what you decide about the shows.