Monday, October 04, 2010

Mondrian I

It has been sitting around almost-done for a long time, but a few weeks ago I finished the piece I'm calling "Mondrian I."  It's a rendering of Mondrian's Composition in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black in scrap corduroy.  This is admittedly kind of a weird concept, but... well, you be the judge, jury and executioner.  The title "Mondrian I" kind of gives away the secret that I'm thinking of doing more Mondrianana.*

Here's the real deal, right, for a point of comparison.  The altered palette was driven mostly by the particular box of scrap fabric that happened to wash up in my attic -- a large box worth found by Mrs.5000 at an estate sale for a buck a few years back -- but I think really gives the fabric rendition a nice identity all its own.  The quilting follows the nap of the corduroy at roughly the width of the black framing pieces, all of which are cut so that their grain runs up-and-down, regardless of whether they are horizontal or vertical pieces.

Dimensions: 58" x 58"
Batting: A thin mattress pad from "the bins" -- this is a 100% scrap-and-salvage quilt.
Backing: A sheet of scrap khaki.

* I made up this word!  Like it?


Rebel said...

I don't understand why you consider this a 'weird concept'. As judge, jury and executioner I pronounce it nothing less than awesome.

Libby said...

Nice word. Looks awesome. Sounds like the heaviest/warmest quilt EVER. Is it?

gl. said...

yes! i love this quilt!

jovaliquilts said...

I like the word, but would have stopped before the last syllable -- too much editing in my head, I guess. :) Like the quilt, too. We saw a painting at MOMA that looked like it would translate well into a quilt, and it did:
But I'm clueless how to quilt it.