Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Quilt for Niece #1: Done

The Quilt for Niece #1 isn't really called that. It's called "[Neice #1]'s Quilt," except with her actual name. Discretion on the Internet, see.

I had been thinking for a few years that I would make graduation quilts for each of the four (4) neices, and when Niece #1 finished her junior year last spring, it was time to either fish or cut bait.

Since I don't have enough day-to-day contact with her to have a great read on her aesthetics -- she lives far from the City of Roses -- I come up with my "diagnostic instrument" so that I could find out what kinds of quilts she likes.

Her single favorite quilt from the deck of examples was actually one of my own pieces, one I made for Mrs.5000 back when she was still Girlfriend5000. It is the one shown below. Niece #1 liked the squares a lot, even thought the color scheme was not especially to her liking Her own color tastes tended to run to greens with some kind of strong value contrast across the quilt surface.

So, I decided to use the pieceing pattern from Mrs.5000's quilt, but using Niece #1's color preferences and, while I was at it, a much denser and more visible quilting pattern. It's the first time I've re-used a design, and it was interesting to revisit the procedure for pieceing it together. Even though the pattern is all squares, they do not line up in blocks, so getting the thing together requires some moderately complicated sewing.

The new piece looks much different than the earlier one, as you can see. My mom says it looks like moonlight in the forest, which sounds fine to me. It is flannel-backed and, hopefully, durable enough to withstand a few years of college life. I stuck a temporary hanging sleave on it last weekend; it will appear at the Clark County Quilters 33rd Annual Quilt Show this week. Here's the info:

Clark County Quilters
33rd Annual Quilt Show
April 3, 4, 5, 2008
Thursday 10 AM to 5 PM
Friday 10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM

Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary
2921 Falk Road
Vancouver, Washington

Maybe I'll see you there on Saturday.

After the show, I'll take the sleave back off, pack it up, and that will be that. No more graduation quilts for a bit. Niece #2 is only a freshman, so I'll hold up on starting hers for now.

Next time: I'm starting QuiltStorm2008 tomorrow! I'll explain what I'm up to, one of these days....


jovaliquilts said...

My, oh my, there would be quite a few partial seams to piece that one! It would really be a puzzle to figure it all out -- did you draft it out or make it up as you went (at least hte first time)? It's a fun quilt and I'm sure your niece will feel very lucky to get it.

Pam said...

It does look like moonlight in the forest - and the way the moon "rays" come down from the top right corner. There looks like there are a few set in seams involved there.

Lovely quilt - I'm sure niece #1 will love it.

Libby said...

Hmmm I really like both pieces - the effect of the coloring on the niece quilt is really interesting. My mom is just finishing up niece/nephew graduation quilt #6 for 9 total nieces and nephews...

d said...

i like how 'pixelated' it is. must've been a bitch to put together. hopefully, she won't get all drunk and puke all over it.

Karin said...

ooh ahhh! I do like the light!

Ming said...

I tend to look at the quilting in quilts these days.mmmm...interesting this one.

Carin said...

your quilt for niece #1 is breathtaking! You are very talented! I agree with your mom about moonlight in the fores.

margaret said...

Awesome quilt, but Roy's may rock ever harder.