Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Name That Quilt! General Election

Name That Quilt!

First of all, thanks to everyone for your excellent quilt name suggestions. I took them, tampered with a few of them, and picked five that I like. Since I believe in doing things in a open and democratic fashion, I will leave the final determination to a vote of the SoTC readers.

Over on the right is yet another picture of the quilt in question.

Here are the candidates. Vote!

Evening Star
Refraction #4.
Ice and Fire
Saturn's Night Sky

Speaking of Group Participation....

My friend Jennifer and I had the idea earlier this year of seeing if we could round up a group of people interested in making quilts based on Decemberists songs. A "quilt challenge" sort of thing. I haven't really done much with the idea, because I just don't think the demographics are probably right. But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you think the Decemberists quilt challenge might be right for you, please follow this flowchart:
  • Do you quilt, or would you like to?

  • If so, have you ever heard of the Decemberists?

  • If so, do you have some enthusiasm for the music of the Decemberists?

  • If so, can you imagine having the time and inclination to create a quilt based on a Decemberists song?

  • If so, let me know.

Quilt Season 2007: the Progress Report!

Labyrinth is still on the back burner for another week or two, although it was really sweet of several readers to protest this. I prepared the binding for it yesterday, but won't be putting that on for months yet. My plan is to start quilting it in a couple of weeks.

Name That Quilt is also on the back burner. I have finished my minimal quilting plan for it, and am thinking about whether I want to keep going and double the current quilting density, or just to decide that finished is good and declare victory. I'd actually like to get my mom's input on this, so it may just stay on the back burner until the next time I see her.

Niece #1's Graduation Quilt has made huge progress. I spent about 4 hours last weekend just laying it out, piece by piece, on a big sheet on the bedroom floor. Then I went through and pinned every piece to the sheet. I will probably start pieceing the face together next weekend.

Four Seasons is also on the back burner. I've assembled the faces for both "Spring" and "Summer," and now I need to find backing fabric that more or less matches what I used on the other two. I'll probably do most of the actual assembly over Thanksgiving.

Indigo Stars hasn't progressed.

With so many projects having reached a back-burner stage, there's also another one that has joined the active pile. On my pre-season goal list, I mentioned Two Complex Shapes, a wall hanging I made back in 1999. In terms of pieceing and design, 'Shapes is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I made it when my actual quilting skills were minimal, so it was very crudely quilted and, in part, tied. After years of hanging, it is a little saggy. Jovaliquilts commented that it doesn't look finished, and I completely agree. So now, eight years later, I'm finishing it.

I'm using the painter's tape trick again, and I can already tell I'm going to be really happy with the result. See how much better the partially quilted areas already look, compared to the still unquilted areas? (The brighter blue at the bottom is an area prepped with painter's tape and ready for quilting.)

An Acheiveable Goal

I haven't been to a meeting of my guild for a long time, but I'm going tomorrow night and should be going regularly from here on out. There are meetings every month, every other month they are held in the daytime, when I work. So, I go to a meeting every two months.

I won't have any completed projects this time, of course. After this meeting, though, I think I should be able to present a strong completed project at "Show and Tell" every two months, all the way through to next summer. So that's my goal.

On a minor note, I've finally finished posting photos to the entries from the first year of SoTC, from back when it was on "Friendster." So, if you want to dig around in the older posts of this blog for some reason, they're ready for you.


Critical Bill said...

I gotta go with Refraction #4. That is genius.

loulee1 said...

I'm gonna vote 'Fire and Ice'

Micheal you do too much! I can't keep up, do you ever meet yourself going the other way?

Karin said...

"Star Halos" just to complicate matters.

Rebel said...

I vote "Fire & Ice" (why did you flip it to be Ice & Fire?)

I think you can call the quilting done, the lines are plenty close enough to give it texture, additional quilting is just going to flatten it all out. Plus, think of how much more work that would be. (I'm such a lazy quilter!!

Rose Marie said...

I like Star Halos, too!

Heatherbee said...

Hmph. I like "Saturn's Night Sky." Guess that makes me uncool.

Rebel said...

Also, I'm not so much into the Decemberists, but I might be interested in a quilt inspired by song lyrics in general. I'd have to think about it though.

Cherold said...

I'm vote for "Fire & Ice". It is a gorgeous quilt!


gl. said...

i'm still fond of evening star, though karin's "star halos" is quite nice, too. saturn's night sky makes me more curious about the quilt.

Exuberant Color said...

this is a beautiful Kaleidoscope quilt. I have never made one in such a strong color combination. I agree with your comment in an earlier post about photographing and all red block. I have an all red quilt that I still haven't gotten a good photo of.