Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Wedding Quilt for 2010

Two friends whom I will call "Joey" and "Daisy," although these are not their real names -- they are, in fact, the names of their cats -- got married about two years ago.  After they got engaged, I had a meeting with them to discuss possible quilt designs, showing them various quilt images and asking them to tell me what they liked or did not like about a wide range of different possibilities.  I took notes. Then, I pretty much stopped quilting for a year or so. And then I picked up my project list last fall for the first time in ages and was all like "OMG!  I forgot about Joey and Daisy's wedding quilt!"   This Tuesday, I completed the final finish work, roughly two years after the wedding.  This will be the second time I present it to them; They had it for a few months, bound with safety pins, after I had done everything but the hand-finishing.  This time, though, it's "done-done."

The primary design considerations were:
  1. That it wanted to be "symmetrical-but-not-too-symmetrical."
  2. That it wanted to consist of a short series of values in a single color.
  3. That it be big -- and it is, I think, my biggest quilt to date.
  4. That it be "built for speed" -- I was already way behind deadline, and needed to be able to cut, piece, and quilt a lot of blanket in a little time.

I think it came out rather well. Houseplant sold separately.

The Specs
Serial Number: 61
Dimensions: 73" x 97"
Batting: Commercial batting.
Backing: Dark purple flannel.
Begun: 2011, after conceptual work in 2010.
Finished: August, 2012
Intended Use/Display: Wedding Gift.